In Level 4, the successful student will learn about: 

(1) developing advanced recruiting strategies such as staff organization, working with admissions, early recruiting, 

(2) recruiting "B" level recruits, and working successfully with junior college recruits, (c) developing working relationships with high school/junior/club coaches of the prospects, and (d) navigating recruiting pitfalls. 

The level is designed to help you navigate the challenges of recruiting, both proactively and reactively.

There are 4 Modules, 24 Units, 4 quizzes and 4 reflective activities. At the end of successfully completing the course you will be awarded this certificate of completion: Level 4: Advanced Collegiate Recruiting Considerations.

Enroll in our foundational advanced recruiting coursework here at Tudor University, as we take you through Levels 1 through 4 in our training.